Maximize impact with a data driven and scientific approach

Use the Planethon AI to get advice on transformative action

Use the power of network analysis to scale change

Next level decision making - the data platform for science-based planetary intelligence. We use the latest technologies in data analysis to bring you the decision material needed for keeping up with the scientific development of how our planet operates and the urgent actions needed, as well as the businesses that are shaping a planet positive future. Connect it to your data to get tailored insights and recommended actions that best fit your capabilities.

01 Insights for frontrunners

Get relatable, actionable environmental and social insights to act as guidance for strategy and to keep you updated in your development.

02 Promising actor analysis

Identify seeds of the future in the present. Understand the emerging landscape of innovations and actors who could be potential value creation partners and/or worthy of investment.

03 Emerging networks

Explore networks of actors tackling urgent problems and how they are are both approaching the opportunities & together represent opportunities.

04 future pathways

Identify the most impactful pathways, using our AI, the three horizons framework and leading edge tools and techniques from the science of futures and foresight.

05 Collaboration partners

Partner up with other companies that have taken on the same transformative mission and activate your potential.

06 DATA api

Plug in your data and explore how it can be aligned, contrasted and matched with scientifically verified social ecological data.

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